Ashfield House Photographer Shoot Extravaganza!

A few weeks back I hooked up with a bunch of very talented UK photographers for a bit of an experiment. The idea being to showcase the VERY different styles photographers have and that there is a style out there to suit every clients taste which is something all couples need to be aware of when planning their wedding. Like choosing a painting, clothes or a new car everyone has different styles and tastes and photography is no different! The brief was simple – we shoot the same couple at the same venue and on the same day and see what we come up with. The results hopefully show that our minds and eyes work in very different ways!

My personal style is a bit like marmite where you either like it or you don’t – no middle ground! This was a decision I made right from the start as I want my work to reflect who I’am and as a result attract like minded people :O)

It was great working with the other guys whom I have a lot of respect for and loved the fact that all our work came out so differently with some fantastic shots by everyone. Hope you enjoy the full set from my shoot!