Hi I'm Andy, thanks for stopping by!
No one likes a grumpy git at their wedding so here's a little more about me!

I like to laugh, I love grunge rock music, design, old cameras, beans on toast, proper coffee, choppers, old VW's, bikes and surfing. When I'm not taking pictures I like to hit the trails on my mountain bike or wrench and ride on my 60's Chopper like I'm in Easy Rider! My sister gave me my first film SLR camera aged 14, a Zenit EM. I took lots of photos and processed my own film. I studied photography at college and learned the art of the darkroom.
I also have a degree in design and in my past life have designed products ranging from hi-fi’s, watches and cutlery through to private London interiors. I switched solely to photography about 10 years ago to follow my passion but still view the world with a designers eye.


Photo: Beneath The Pines