Best Of 2017

2017 was both an awesome and difficult year for me as I was lucky to be a part of so many fantastic weddings with great people in amazing places. On the flip side I lost my dad out of the blue late in September and life seemed to grind to a halt. Just as things couldn't get any worse my mum had a stroke just before Christmas which took away her speech. The past few months have been difficult to say the least but somehow we have managed to keep it together and stay strong. Through intensive work, courage and determination my mum can now speak well again. Finally we seem to be coming out the other side of dark times and looking forward to the future again. I have learned a lot about life this last few months but mainly to enjoy every day as things can change very quickly in our short time on earth. As a result or job photographing moments and relationships in other peoples lives resonates with me more than ever.
These are some of my favourite moments from last year... x


Andy Wardle13 Comments