Creative, alternative wedding photography.

PAH! So why invest in good wedding photography anyway!?

Well (deep breath)...
In short weddings are awesome! It is one of the biggest days of your life that you are sharing with a unique bunch of special people for one day only! Please don't hire 'El Cheapo Photo' and risk getting crap shots that you will be gutted about when you can invest in awesome photography and be happy forever :O)

In life people who are good at what they do charge what they are worth and the same applies for photography. Compared to other genres of photography, weddings are hard things to photograph as there is no control over what unfolds! When I first started to shoot weddings I had no idea of the challenges ahead. Critical one time moments to capture, no studio, no re-takes, variable weather and lighting, people moving etc are just some of the challenges. In short, to photograph a wedding well you need to be experienced and on your game! For weddings technical proficiency and experience is one thing but on the fly creativity on top of that is what makes the good work shine out from the rest. Yes there are cheapo options around to save a buck like anything else but you definitely get what you pay for. For the good photographers out there you are paying for years of experience shooting weddings, their shooting and editing styles but most importantly their creative eye. That creative magic will make your wedding photos awesome and something you will enjoy forever!

To me photography is possibly THE most important thing to consider for your wedding day as it really is investing in something which lasts a lifetime and can be passed on for future generations to enjoy. Enough said!