A few kind words from my clients...

Wow. Stunned into silence....thanks Andy. 
Matthew+Claire - Crazy Bear wedding - Oxford


We finally sat down at the weekend to look through the pictures and we are absolutely in love with them!! It really was like reliving the day and all the emotions came flooding back.Thank you so much! I knew they would be good, but you've exceeded my expectations with all the little things you've captured and all the 'moments'. They really are beautiful - like little pieces of art, which is exactly what I'd hoped for. You're incredibly talented and it really was great having you as part of our day. Thank you for capturing the memories for us in your beautifully unique way. Take care and hope you have another bumper 2017! Cheers Lisa & Pete. X
Lisa+Pete  -  Lake District Wedding


“I knew you'd do a good job Andy but I'm just speechless! They are amazing! I love them!! :D”
Paul+Nigel - Great John Street Hotel, Eclectic Hotels, Manchester


Arghhh incredible!! It's been the talk of the town all week, we've been on cloud nine reminiscing via your insanely talented eyes! The power of your photography is overwhelming...
Josh has never ever been excited about photos before, he says 'you're exciting him more than his wife'
Shani+Josh - Portugal wedding


How fortunate we all are that you captured all these happy memories and moments on film. You are such a skilled and talented artist Andy, and a real nice guy too. It was a pleasure meeting you.
Liza Darrow (Brides mum) Shani+Josh - Portugal wedding


Amazing, you're soooooo talented! Love them.
Jane+Ben - The Belle Epoque - Knutsford - Cheshire


I would like to thank Andy personally for capturing happiness in every photograph (this is the only way I can describe it).
Laura and Oliver Basson - Oak Tree Peover Wedding - Knutsford, Cheshire


Your wonderful creative photographs have become a visual diary and memory of my daughters wedding. I am eternally grateful to you.
Jenny Taylor (Brides Mum) - Cat+Mike - Peak District wedding


Hi Andy!
Oh my god-they are AMAZING!!!
We've only just looked through them all and they are absolutely brilliant, thank you so much!
We're off for another look now but wanted to let you know as soon as we could how much we love them! Catch up v soon, Becs & Marc x
Rebecca+Marc - Oddfellows Wedding - Chester


Andy, I'm absolutely overwhelmed... The photos are simply beautiful. You've captured every moment and emotion of our special day!!
James+Wendi – London


Dear Ninja Tog,
OH. MY. GOD. Holy shit Andy, our photos are just, well, they KICK ASS!! Like majorly. I want to gush about them so much but really, we both want to gush to your face!
It took us around 2 hours, one shower, our tea and a couple of cig breaks for Martin before we'd seen them all but man oh man it was time well spent. Jesus, you caught so much, you have to have been effing knackered by the time you got home!
Mahj xx
Mahjabeen Ansari+Martin Bramall - Shrigley Hall Wedding - Cheshire


Andy was absolutely fantastic and made us feel very relaxed on the day.
Vicky Martin


I would highly recommend Andy to anyone, he has such a unique style and friendly persona. We are so happy and proud to show off our wedding photos and I love the fact that they are distinguishable from other photographers and different to the 'usual' wedding photographs.
Kirsty McCullough (Cameron)


Before the day, Andy was great at advising on the types of shots he should shoot, and having worked the venue before, already knew how to best capture our day. On the big day we had issues with the weather, which meant Andy needed to think on his feet, and find an alternative location for our 'couple' shots. This was great as it meant we didn't need to worry and he found an alternative, which turned out to be much better than we expected. He also found time and enthusiasm to shoot quirky extras.
Paul Normington - Didsbury House Hotel Wedding, Eclectic Hotels, Manchester.


Andy is a really genuine guy and has a superb talent for photography. It was great to have him around on our big day- he was friendly and relaxed, and did not intrude too much on the wedding proceedings, as I have seen with other photographers. He has an infectious enthusiasm for finding interesting backdrops and lighting, and clearly has a passion for bringing out people's characters and nuances in the photos he takes. Many of our photos would not look out of place in a portrait gallery.
Ben Clarke


I've never met a more intuitive yet unobtrusive photographer , he communicated well and seemed to genuinely understand the responsibility that wedding day photographs hold , He was invisible during the proceedings capturing all the action as it unfolded . He seems to have a dedication in achieving artistically beautiful images when others would settle for less effort! Would recommend In a heartbeat!
Alice Fair


My wife & I are absolutely over the moon with our wedding photos! Now we have the most incredible memories of our happy day, all thanks to the undeniably unique talent of Andy Wardle. Andy captured every little detail and more, we can't sing his praises high enough, he's made us ridiculously happy. Thank you Andy! We haven't been able to stop showing them off to our friends and family. We couldn't have picked a better photographer.
Daryl McCullough - Adlington Hall Wedding, Adlington, Macclesfield, Cheshire


We could not be happier that we booked Andy! Honestly the best money we spent on the wedding day. From start to finish Andy was profession, trustworthy and a lovely guy too. He completely put us at ease at our engagement shoot and on the day itself Andy was brilliant, we hardly noticed he was there! Andy went above and beyond not only in the day but he provided us with more pictures that we ever could have hoped for and we will treasure them forever! they tell the perfect story of our day :-)
Emily Herring - The Barbour Institute Wedding, Chester


Photography has always been a love and hobby of mine so I knew I wanted to choose a photographer that I felt reflected our personalities. Andy was professional, friendly and his work went above and beyond anything I could of ever wished for! He made friends with many of our guests and gave us the impression that he was enjoying himself among our guests and 3 day wedding. Andy's work is modern, edgy and magically omits such a strong mood and ambience. I will always recommend Andy Wardle.
Shani Yeend - Festival/camping inspired wedding in Portugal


Andy is extremely professional and friendly, on our wedding day it was easy to forget he was there as he was extremely discrete in capturing the day, he got so many great shots we continue to relive our day over and over again, in fact I keep spotting new pictures every time we look back through them. All the guests were impressed by him and said it was great to be at a wedding where there was no excessive time being spent doing photos - this was key for my husband and I.
Lorna Jones


Why did you choose Andy?...

His photographs look amazing and different to the standard wedding photography. He is very creative with his work. Vicky Martin

Because his style of shooting and editing was visibly different, edgy and give a feel of a "staged movie set" Shani Yeend

Because his talent for the less ordinary shone through. Alice Fair

For his unique style. We wanted something different for our wedding photographs, it is so important to book an experienced and sought after wedding photographer and after our engagement shoot with Andy we knew we definitely wanted him to photograph the most important day of our lives. Kirsty McCullough (Cameron)

We booked Andy because of his unique style, and his ability to tell stories with his photography. Each of his shots stands alone as a unique piece - the use of colour, movement and humour is apparent in every shot. The outputs mean we have some really impactful shots we can frame and don't rely on being accompanied by other shots to tell our story. Each shot is beautiful in its own right. Paul Normington

We interviewed a few photographers and Andy came across every easy to get on with and completely understood what we were looking for on our wedding day, we looked at his work where some of it was at the venues we had booked, the pictures looked stunning and we found ourselves smiling at them and thought he is definitely the one to take a photo journal of our day. Lorna Jones

The thing that really drew me to Andy above anyone else was his ability to capture those rare little moments that tell a story in themselves. I believe Andy has a real eye for these special moments. The icing on the cake is that he just happens to be brilliant at staged photos too! He also happens to move like a ninja as we barely noticed him taking the pics all day, but in the instances when we did he made us feel completely at ease. We enjoyed every moment with him. Daryl McCullough

We had narrowed it down to about 3 photographer and in the end we decided that Andy's creative style was what we were after. The other 2 photographers we considered were very similar to each other - Andy stood out, his style is so unique! Plus he made it so easy for us to meet him... we had a Skype chat first before we book him (we live in Chester and he is in Manchester) perfect for us as we didn't need to leave the house. As soon as we spoke to Andy we knew he understood what we wanted and we really liked him as a person too - very important to us as our photographs were one of our most important things for the whole day! Emily Herring (Bowers)


Andy, where do I start!! Can't thank you enough for how amazing the photos are! We were so overwhelmed by the fabulousness of them and the quantity. We feel you have captured the day perfectly and going through them took us straight back! It took hours to go through them all even once! It was lovely for both of us to see the getting ready ones and aspects of the day that we each didn't get to see. We don't know how to choose our favourites yet as they are all amazing and we are just enjoying pouring over them ourselves at the moment before sharing with others.
Thank you xxx
Cat+Mike - Hargate Hall - Peak District

"Eeeeeekk! Andy omg we have just been looking at them for literally hours!!! Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!! So so so happy with them and really was not expecting so many! The day is captured from start to finish perfectly! We are so over the moon, had me in tears (happy tears lol), can't wait to have another look over tomorrow and show everyone. Thank you thank you thank you! Honestly so happy, you're so talented, we LOVE them!"
Emily + Lee - Cheshire


We soon realised after attending my cousin's wedding (who he was the photographer for) that Andy was the photographer for us.
His ability to capture natural shots is superb.
Looking at our pictures we realised that Andy was able to capture special moments with ease, sometimes without guests even knowing. Family and friends were taken back with not only his talent, but how professional and lovely he is. We loved how he even joined in with some of the pictures! He really does deserve every success!
We have the most incredible pictures which we will treasure forever. Thanks so so much - we are so pleased with the photos - absolutely knock out and just what we were hoping for. I've looked through them twice and its been a good distraction from pre baby nerves .. i go in to be induced at 4pm today! Thanks!
Liz & Matt Haworth


Andy what can I say? I absolutely bloody love them and I've not even looked at them all yet. Both you and Nicola are amazing at what you do. We honestly can't begin to thank you enough. We're going to sit and look at them now together xx
Lyndsey + Darren Holt - Manchester


Hi Andy, the photos are incredible, you have done such an amazing job. Everyone who has seen them has been telling us how brilliant they are.
Thank you so much for everything.
Kate+Ross - The Ashes - Staffordshire

What's an excessive number of times to look at one's wedding photos? I think I'm up to about 20!!
We LOVE them! Claire :)
Claire+Matthew - Crazy Bear - Oxford

Morning Andy, Just wanted to say a massive thank you for last night! Even though we were both pretty nervous (ok, ok... Kate was probably fine but I was BRICKING it!) you managed to put us both at ease and we really enjoyed it in the end and definitely feel a whole lot better about the big day too.
Was also nice to grab a beer on a week night! Great to meet you and thanks again look forward to seeing some of the shots and more importantly we cant wait to meet again on 21s t July at The Ashes!
Ross+Kate - Engagement Shoot - Manchester


Nice one Andy they are fucking awesome, excuse my expletives!
We are both really pleased with them, don’t think we were expecting that many either, so massive thanks again for all your efforts.
Melissa+Dave - Mitton Hall - Lancashire


'We knew Andy was going to be the perfect photographer for our wedding when he got as excited about our venue, ethos and Muppet table markers as we did. When we visited the hall together before the big day, Andy's eye for detail and his artistic flair really shone. Come the big day itself, Andy was so much on our wave length, so relaxed and personable that we felt he should've been on the guest list. He caught everything - a cheeky wink, two hands touching, a child's first bite of cake, the full splendour of Sir Titus' beard. He even succeeded in getting us two goons to look respectable. We will treasure forever our photos and the memories Andy helped us to keep. And we made a good friend in the process. Gold stars all round!'
Tom + Jen - Saltaire - Yorkshire


Andy is enthusiastic, creative and good fun to be around. They say that first impressions count and our first meeting with Andy to discuss our upcoming wedding left us both feeling sure we’d found the right photographer. He encouraged us to share our ideas with him and this meant that we felt we had an element of control over the final product whilst leaving the creative flare to him.
The pre wedding shoot the day before our wedding could not have been more at ease. Strolling along the beach in the glorious sunshine, you made us feel really relaxed in front of the camera and it felt as if we’d known you for years! 
The wedding day was equally as perfect – there was never a feeling of being coerced into shots we weren’t comfortable with and you worked brilliantly, capturing some lovely candid shots of our guests as they were mingling. All in all, we were both really happy with the end result and feel as though we’ve made good friends along the way! You can’t get a better recommendation than that! :o)
Lucy + Richard - St Andrews - Scotland


It was a really good day out and if the rest of the photo's are as good as the ones you've posted then we are in for a real treat! As you can see I've already changed my facebook profile picture ;-)
Spending the day taking pictures around Manchester was an experience in itself, so not only will we have some great photo's but also good memories to accompany them!
Paul+Nigel - Engagement Shoot - Manchester


Had a look last night at the photos....they are just fab, thank you so much....you have captured wonderful memories of a great day. Now just the tricky task of choosing our favourites!!
Looking forward to catching up on Saturday....and huge thanks once again for all your skill and creativity. xx
Jane+Ben - Engagement Shoot - Cheshire


You did such a fantastic job and we cannot thank you enough.
Speak to you soon.
Emma and Jamie x


We would like to thank you for the amazing photos that you have taken of our wedding. Once we had seen your pictures and creative style we knew immediately you were the man for the job. Becca and I were very keen not to have loads of staged, run of the mill photos that so many photographers seem to fall into. Andy knew exactly where we were coming from, but not only for this but helping us get the most out of our photo’s, considering that neither of us really like having our pictures taken in the first place! The pre-wedding shoot certainly helped with this so that when the big day came we were both relaxed in front of the camera. You have managed to capture the day from so many different angles, using those well honed “Ninja” skills as described by previous clients. These images have evoked lots of memories, capturing the emotion and ambience of the day, all with the advantage that we will have the pictures to be able to treasure and enjoy! As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, however you have managed to cram ten times this into every image so that they each tell their own story. We cannot thank you both enough and we are already planning our next photo shoot!
Paul+Becca Swinfen. - Swinfen Hall - Northamptonshire


Thank you so much for being such a great guy to have around on our wedding day. Everyone has commented on how great you were so on behalf of Matt and I - thank you so much.
Nicola Bayley+Matt Baxter - Australia


We had so many people ask where we found you, what a nice guy you were and how you made the time to talk to them and how you kept popping up with your camera! Think you made yourself a few fans there!
Mahjabeen Ansari+Martin Bramall


I just wanted to say thanks so much for last Saturday, I truly can't thank you enough.  You really put us at ease and it was a really fun day, we really didn't expect to have so much fun!  I think the photos show this and I'm incredibly proud of them already!!!  Deep down inside I think Colin enjoyed it too and I'm sure he'll be happy with the photos when he gets chance to see them.
Emma+Colin - Engagement Shoot - Rivington - Manchester


Hi Andy
The pictures are truly awesome! They are all so beautiful and the slideshows are stuck on repeat!
Thank you!
Leah + Ally - Manchester Wedding


Thank you so so so much Andy!!! We absolutely LOVE them :) :) :)
Feel like we have just relived the whole day all over again, feeling all the same emotions :)
Joanna + Tom - Adlington Hall and Hunting Lodge - Macclesfield, Cheshire


Hi Andy,
It was such a fantastic experience and we love so many of the images that we want the full set as a reminder.
Thanks, T+R.
Tim+Rachel - Engagement Shoot - John Rylands Library - Manchester


We are having the most incredible time looking through our engagement shoot photos! We just cannot even begin to pick a favourite! Huge HUGE thank-you to Andy Wardle for a fantastic day and the most beautiful memories! We can't recommend you and your work highly enough and are so looking forward to having you along side us on the big day! X
Lucy+Jim - Engagement Shoot - Manchester


Dear Andy and Nicola
The pictures of James and Helen's wedding are great. There has been very good feedback from people I've shown them to. I think you did a wonderful job and I would like to thank Nicola for taking pictures of my gluten-free cakes too. They do look rather good so I'm chuffed. We really enjoyed having you around and you were so discreet when working. I hope you had a good time too ; certainly looked like you had a good time Andy, laid out on the grass the next morning, looking a bit delicate!! If you ever come over this way again, maybe with Grace for a little break, do please get in touch and come to see us. You'll be very welcome. All the best to you.
Chris (mother of the groom!!)
Helen+James Dudzinski - Festival Style Tipi Wedding York - Yorkshire


Hi Andy, how's it going, Scott and I spent the whole evening looking at photos and ignoring the mess Eden made! We love them, so so very pleased thank you for all your hard work!
Roxanna+Scott - Manchester Wedding


Dear Andy,
Wow those images capture Lucy & Jim's wedding perfectly. We enjoyed an afternoon of champagne and heart felt moments yesterday and today I can share them with Dave when I meet him from the train. You have brought a lot of pleasure to a lot of very happy people. Thankyou!
Estelle Budge (mother of bride) James+Lucy – Cheshire wedding


The photos are truly amazing… you’re a bloody genius my friend :O)
James+Jacquie – Preston Lancashire wedding


Fantastic Andy! Thank you so much. We love them all!!!
We had so much fun on the day, loved going through them today and they are exactly what I wanted them to be - capturing the boys at 21 and 18 and us after 25 years, brilliantly done Andy, can't thank you enough.
Cheers, Clive.
Clive Grinyer - Former design boss of Apple's Jonathon Ive!


Andy, from start to finish we couldn't have been more impressed with not only your work but you as a person. It was an absolute pleasure to have you as part of our big day and we will never know how you captured the moments you did. Your photographs truly are out of this world. Your style and work ethic is not to be rivalled and we would (and do!) recommend you whole heartedly to everyone we meet. Thank you so much for your incredible hard work and attention to detail. What you have created for us in our photos will last forever and we are instantly transported back to the day whenever we look at them. Two very delighted customers, Mr & Mrs Connor. X x x
James+Lucy - Cheshire Wedding